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Volume 1 Issue 2 2015

1 Anaesthesia and associated cross infection: An unrecognized source
Yashpal Singh
J. Med. Res., 2015;1(2):40-41
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2 Characteristic thumb sign in epiglottitis
B.N. Chander, T. Satish Chandra, M. Kavya, K.K. Sravanthi
J. Med. Res., 2015;1(2):42-43
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3 Unusual case of adult onset Askin’s Tumour – Case report and review
K.Bhuvaneswari, R.P.Swaminathan
J. Med. Res., 2015;1(2):44-45
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4 Recurrent cystic hygroma in an adult presenting as a neck mass - A case study
Lt Col I D Singh, Maj Abhipsa Hota
J. Med. Res., 2015;1(2):46-48
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5 Determinants for delayed initiation of breastfeeding- A hospital based comparative study between primiparous and multiparous mothers
Ayushi Pandya, Mallika Chavada, Rohit Jain, P. B. Verma
J. Med. Res., 2015;1(2):49-54
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6 Dengue & malaria global burden: A cross sectional study of awareness & practice of dengue and malaria & its difference among different age group in Pakistan
Maria Ayub, Ayesha Sami, Maryam Saeed, Kulsoom Khursheed
J. Med. Res., 2015;1(2):55-58
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7 Pre anaesthetic medication in children: A comparison of intranasal dexmedetomidine versus intranasal midazolam
Darshna D. Patel, Lisha, M.R.Upadhyay
J. Med. Res., 2015;1(2):59-63
[Abstract] [HTML Full text] [PDF 531 KB] [Table & Figure]
8 Antifungal susceptibility testing for dermatophytes isolated from clinical samples by broth dilution method in a tertiary care hospital
Sowmya N, Appalaraju B, Srinivas CR, Surendran P
J. Med. Res., 2015;1(2):64-67
[Abstract] [HTML Full text] [PDF 438 KB] [Table & Figure]

9 Percutaneous facial nerve stimulation
Jayita Poduval
J. Med. Res., 2015;1(2):68-69
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