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Volume 2 Issue 2 2016

1 Maturity Onset Diabetes of the Young (MODY) - An essence
Rekha Bisht
J. Med. Res., 2016;2(2):24-25
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2 Primary Osteoma Cutis ‐ A case report
Swathy Moorthy, Aravind Yuvaraj
J. Med. Res., 2016;2(2):26-27
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3 Puerperal vaginal prolapse of a huge pedunculated submucosal uterine fibroid that was initially intramural - A case report
Elie Nkwabong, Clifford-Ebontane Ebong, Nadège Nnang Amougou
J. Med. Res., 2016;2(2):28-29
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4 Giant hydronephrosis of kidney mimicking ascites: A case report
Sunder Goyal, Rajesh Aggarwal, Snigdha Goyal
J. Med. Res., 2016;2(2):30-31
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5 Prevalence of post stroke fatigue among stroke survivors in rehabilitation at physiotherapy facilities in Nigeria
Grace Vincent-Onabajo, Abdulbaqi Adamu
J. Med. Res., 2016;2(2):32-34
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6 Anxiety due to dental procedures and treatment among adult patients attending outpatient clinics in King Abdulaziz University Hospital, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Nahla Khamis Ibrahim, Maha Al-Jdani, Noor Al-Aamoudi, Samaher Sukkar
J. Med. Res., 2016;2(2):35-40
[Abstract] [HTML Full text] [PDF 855 KB]
7 Displaced intrauterine device: A retrospective study
Sunder Goyal, Snigdha Goyal
J. Med. Res., 2016;2(2):41-43
[Abstract] [HTML Full text] [PDF 474 KB]
8 Role of Malondialdehyde (MDA) in senile cataract
Sumeet Kaur, Satinder Pal Singh, Uma Gujral
J. Med. Res., 2016;2(2):44-46
[Abstract] [HTML Full text] [PDF 404 KB]
9 Team based objective formative assessment method for postgraduate students: Evaluation of students’ clinical performance and perceptions
Shraddha Jain, Sunil Kumar, Neelima Tankhiwale
J. Med. Res., 2016;2(2):47-52
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