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"The Journal of Medical Research inviting manuscripts for next issue; November- December 2016"

Volume 2 Issue 4 2016

1 Developing Drug De-addiction Services in East Sikkim, Report by Singtam District Hospital
Satish Rasaily, Indra Lal Sharma, Jigmee Tobgay
J. Med. Res., 2016;2(4):86-87
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2 A Takayasu arteritis case presented with pulmonary involvement in a male patient with diabetic foot ulcers: Case report
Sadriye Pulak, İnan Anaforoğlu, Şakir Özgür Keşkek, Ekrem Algün, Esin Ertuğrul
J. Med. Res., 2016;2(4):88-90
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3 Pai syndrome without cleft lip. A variation in the expression of the syndrome: A case report
Víctor G. Ferreira Moreno, Ibis Sosa Fundora, Sandra Domínguez Boffill, Lázaro A. Vidal Tallet, Idanis Orea Cordero, Carlos A. Alonso Gálvez
J. Med. Res., 2016;2(4):91-93
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4 The management of Joubert Syndrome in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation department
Mouna Sghir, Aymen Haj Salah, Emna Toulgui, Mariem Rekik, Saida jerbi, Wassia Kessomtini
J. Med. Res., 2016;2(4):94-96
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5 Retroperitoneal Hydatid Cyst: Case Report
Hedfi.M, Messaoudi.I, Charfi.M, Bouhawala.H, Chouchene.A
J. Med. Res., 2016;2(4):97-98
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6 Saudi Parents' knowledge, Attitudes and Practices on Antibiotic Use for Upper Respiratory Tract Infections in Children: A population –based Survey; Taif, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Elbur AI, Albarraq AA
J. Med. Res., 2016;2(4):99-103
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7 Atherosclerotic background of disseminated teeth losses in sickle cell diseases
Mehmet Rami Helvaci, Mustafa Sahan, Zeki Arslanoglu, Adnan Celikel, Orhan Ayyildiz, Orhan Ekrem Muftuoglu
J. Med. Res., 2016;2(4):104-109
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8 Clinical presentation and treatment outcome of HIV associated Kaposi sarcoma in a tertiary health centre in Nigeria
Baffa A Gwaram, Shehu M Yusuf
J. Med. Res., 2016;2(4):110-113
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9 Wilm’s tumor: Presentation and outcome at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center
W. E. Woldeab, O.V. Nyongole, B. Frank
J. Med. Res., 2016;2(4):114-117
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10 Hepatitis E- not so benign after all!
Chitralekha Khati
J. Med. Res., 2016;2(4):118-132
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