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Volume 2 Issue 6 2016

1 Diagnostic accuracy of fine needle aspiration cytology, triple test and tru-cut biopsy in the detection of breast lesion
Sabina Laishram
DOI: 10.22271/23957565.2016.v2.i6.001
J. Med. Res., 2016;2(6):133-134
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2 Influence of glycemia on admission for the intensive critical care patient outcome
Rasoamampianina L.E., Rafanomezantsoa T.A., Randriamanantany Z.A., Riel A.M.
DOI: 10.22271/23957565.2016.v2.i6.002
J. Med. Res., 2016;2(6):135-137
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3 Adult onset dermatomyositis associated with lipodystrophy and underlying calcinosis: Case report
Suad Hannawi, Issa Al Salmi
DOI: 10.22271/23957565.2016.v2.i6.003
J. Med. Res., 2016;2(6):138-140
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4 Femoral hypoplasia- unusual facies syndrome: A case report and literature review
Mariem Rekik, Mouna Sghir, Imen Ksibi, Wafa Said, Saida jerbi, Wassia Kessomtini
DOI: 10.22271/23957565.2016.v2.i6.004
J. Med. Res., 2016;2(6):141-143
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5 Hypertensive encephalopathy as the initial manifestation of Cushing’s syndrome
Alagoma Iyagba, Arthur Onwuchekwa
DOI: 10.22271/23957565.2016.v2.i6.005
J. Med. Res., 2016;2(6):144-145
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6 Gastric Trichobezoar without trichotillomania: A diagnostic dilemma
Snigdha Goyal, Manoj Singhal, Sunder Goyal
DOI: 10.22271/23957565.2016.v2.i6.006
J. Med. Res., 2016;2(6):146-149
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7 A one year trend of blood loss during transurethral resection of the prostate as seen at urology department, Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center in Moshi, Tanzania: Do we avoid unnecessary blood transfusion?
Aneth Swai, Obadia V Nyongole, Alfred Kien Mteta
DOI: 10.22271/23957565.2016.v2.i6.007
J. Med. Res., 2016;2(6):150-154
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8 Intravenous vitamin b – complex and ferrous dextrane in malaria induced anemia: a single center prospective study
Hans Unim
DOI: 10.22271/23957565.2016.v2.i6.008
J. Med. Res., 2016;2(6):155-162
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9 The Zitelli’s bilobed flap in ala and nasal tip reconstruction
Abdelmoughit Echchaoui, Abdelhafid Achbouk, Mounia Nasr, Jawad Hafidi, Samir El Mazouz, Nour-Eddine Gharib, Abdellah Abbassi
DOI: 10.22271/23957565.2016.v2.i6.009
J. Med. Res., 2016;2(6):163-165
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10 Changes in Haematological Indices of Women at Different Fertility Periods in Nnewi, South-East, Nigeria
Ibeh Nancy C, Aneke John C, Okocha Chide E, Nkwazema Kenneth A, Manafa Patrick O
DOI: 10.22271/23957565.2016.v2.i6.010
J. Med. Res., 2016;2(6):166-169
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11 Knowledge and practices related to swine flu in school students of Bhavnagar, Gujarat
Nilesh C. Fichadiya, Mihir P. Rupani, Kailesh D. Bhalani, M. P. Singh, Vinod Ramanuj
DOI: 10.22271/23957565.2016.v2.i6.011
J. Med. Res., 2016;2(6):170-173
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12 Neuropsychiatric morbidity in HIV/ AIDS
Satish Rasaily, Sabina Laishram
DOI: 10.22271/23957565.2016.v2.i6.012
J. Med. Res., 2016;2(6):174-176
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