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Volume 5 Issue 6, 2019


1 A study of Acute Liver Failure in adults in a tertiary care hospital
Mohini Singh, Srilakshmi Sathiyaseelan, Devarasetty Shashank, S.R. Ramakrishnan
DOI: 10.31254/jmr.2019.5601
J. Med. Res., 2019;5(6):204-207
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2 Uremic frost- A rare skin manifestation of severe kidney disease
Tarkeswar Aich
DOI: 10.31254/jmr.2019.5602
J. Med. Res., 2019;5(6):208-209
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3 Suicidal Ideation among HIV Positive Patients
Satish Rasaily, RK Lenin Singh, Sabina Laishram
DOI: 10.31254/jmr.2019.5603
J. Med. Res., 2019;5(6):210-211
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4 Age and gender specific variations of selected hemorheological variables in humans
Jacdomni Ogheneyoma Ofioritse, Ohwin Peggy Ejiro
DOI: 10.31254/jmr.2019.5604
J. Med. Res., 2019;5(6):212-219
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5 P. falciparum Malaria induced Renal impairment
Tarkeswar Aich
DOI: 10.31254/jmr.2019.5605
J. Med. Res., 2019;5(6):220-223
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6 A note on mycoplasmal origin of cancer
Mohammad Salim, Mohammad Shahid Masroor, Shagufta Parween
DOI: 10.31254/jmr.2019.5606
J. Med. Res., 2019;5(6):224-226
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7 Surgical emergencies of the gastrointestinal tract at the Mbaïki District Hospital in the Central African Republic
Issa Mapouka PA, Dibert-Bekoy-Nouganga E, N'doma Ngatchoukpo V, Doui Doumgba A
DOI: 10.31254/jmr.2019.5607
J. Med. Res., 2019;5(6):227-230
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8 Prevalence of Vitamin D Deficiency in a patient with psychiatric Illness
Santosh Ramdurg, S P Chaukimath, Manovijay Kalasagond
DOI: 10.31254/jmr.2019.5608
J. Med. Res., 2019;5(6):231-235
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9 Preanalytical Variables: Role in laboratory testing
Kanchan Singh, Abhas Kumar Singh
DOI: 10.31254/jmr.2019.5609
J. Med. Res., 2019;5(6):236-238
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10 Pregnancy and delivery in advanced maternal age: epidemiologic aspects and prognosis
Gabkika Bray Madoué, Foumsou Ihagadang, Masra Ngarmbaye
DOI: 10.31254/jmr.2019.5610
J. Med. Res., 2019;5(6):239-242
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